Why Getting New Winter Wiper Blades is Important

Getting new winter wiper blades can make your driving easier this season as colder temperatures settle in. Here are just a few of the many reasons to come to the dealership for a new set of winter wipers.

The casing that is made to go over the winter blades keeps any ice and snow from getting into that metal framework of the wipers that allow them to flex and hug the curve of the glass.

The rubber used in winter wiper blades are not going to tear easily like that in regular blades.

The winter wipers are constructed of a stronger material that will not bend when the snow becomes heavy. These winter blades can move around the heavy snow load without affecting your field of vision.

The technicians at Spradley Kia will measure and replace your wiper blades so that you are able to see clearly in any inclement weather.

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