What are Electronic Shift Cases?

While 2-wheel drive vehicles can provide drivers like you with robust power and control, there is no doubt that 4-wheel drive vehicles can provide you with even more power and control for your Pueblo, CO adventures. Some vehicles allow drivers to choose and shift between both gear-ranges at will, and most of these vehicles are fitted with special sub-transmissions called transfer cases.

Transfer cases are special gearboxes that are located near or in regular transmission casings. These devices can use the torque from the main transmission to provide 4-wheel drive power to all of the tires. Many transfer cases fall into either the manual or electronic category. Manual systems require you to apply manual force for gear-engagement, while electronic systems use motors to do the same thing.

If manual transfer cases are complicated, electronic models can be even more complex. In order to work properly, electronic cases need detailed and regular examinations that are performed by skilled and certified transmission experts. The good news is, here at the Spradley Kia car repair facility, we employ certified transmission system specialists who can give your electronic case the attention that it needs. To hear more, swing by our place today for a no-obligation visit.

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