How Does the Alternator Affect Your Car Engine?

While many people believe the car battery keeps the lights, heaters, and stereo working, it is the alternator that has the job of keeping all those electrical devices operating while the car is running. The battery is kept charged by the alternator, and its job is to simply provide power to the starter motor when the car is not running. Once running, the alternator has to provide power to things like the heated seats, door locks, and power windows.

The alternator operates like a generator and gets its power from a large crank wheel that is spinning as the engine is running. That means if the alternator fails, you'll be able to tell when the lights in the vehicle get very dim or the gauges that make up your car's instrument panel stop operating correctly.

At the first sign of alternator trouble, come to our Kia parts and repair center in Pueblo, Colorado so our crew can test the electrical system.

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