Know Your Gaskets, Know You’re Safe

In Pueblo, Colorado, a huge cause of vehicular breakdowns is blown or failed gaskets. It’s not something obvious if you don’t know to check for it, so it can seem mysterious. So, let’s take a moment to understand gaskets and what they do, where they are and how to keep them lasting longer.

Gaskets are a flexible seal made of layers of thin steel or copper with a rubbery outer coating. They prevent air from escaping or entering systems, as well as preventing fluids from mixing in scandalous ways that can bring your vehicle to a grinding halt. Gaskets are numerous, but the ones that fail fatally the most are the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets (these control temperature and keep air where it belongs), the cylinder head gaskets (keeping air out and padding the gap between the cylinder head and the engine block) and of course, the oil pan gasket (keeping oil in the pan while the crankshaft moves).

Gaskets warn of failures with discolored or cracked coating, compression showing gaps, loss of their flexible nature or buildup of materials. These will happen, but they can be put off much longer with regular maintenance. Keeping gaskets healthy is a matter of watching your engine temperature, replacing fluids like antifreeze or coolant often, and regularly changing your oil.

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