If you want to navigate the Pueblo, CO region with confidence, consider packing a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle. You can buy a pre-assembled kit or you can put one together with the help of the Spradley Kia service team. Here are a few essentials that should be in the roadside emergency kit you keep in your car.

A little bag of tools like a wrench, pliers, scissors, knife, and hammer, give you the chance to make small repairs on your own. A roll of duct tape is crucial for your roadside emergency kit because you can use it to patch holes in things like radiator hoses. Jumper cables are critical for allowing any other driver to assist in jump-starting your vehicle.

Fix-a-flat cans will give you the chance to get enough air in the tires so that you can move the vehicle to a safer location. One first-aid kit can make all the difference when you need to treat a small injury while you are waiting for help.

To ensure your vehicle won't need that roadside emergency kit, visit our Kia service center so we can give the car a full inspection.

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