What is Causing the Tire Pressure to Drop in the Car Tires?

The crew at Spradley Kia wanted to give you an idea what is causing the pressure to drop in your vehicle's tires.

It might come as a surprise to many drivers how air is naturally escaping from your car tires at a pound of pressure a month. Now add into that mix a drop in the temps by ten degrees could also cause a drop by another pound. These are both natural occurrences.

Issues that could lead to a tire blowout because of underinflated tires range from cracks appearing in the treads to bulges in the walls of the tires. If the treads are wearing in uneven patterns or you can see sections of the tread separating from the tire, it is best advised you take the vehicle to the shop so the tires can be inspected.

Our staff at Spradley Kia is available to inspect the tires or schedule your vehicle for a tire rotation appointment.



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