Prevent Rodent Damage With These Simple Tips.

Rodents can be very annoying visitors. They can make a home in just about any space. This includes your vehicle. If you've made the investment of a vehicle, you should take the steps necessary to prevent rodents from getting inside. This includes:

  • Not eating inside your vehicle. If you do have a snack while in your vehicle, make sure that you get rid of all the wrappers and don't leave crumbs behind.
  • Utilize products that are designed to repel rodents. This includes engine compartment mesh coverings and rodent-repelling tape.
  • Keep your vehicle housed inside of your garage. Rodents like messy spaces so make sure you keep things clean in there.
  • You can leave the light on inside of your garage to keep rodents away. They don't like bright lights and will try to stay in the dark.



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