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What are Kia cars known for?

What can you expect when you own a Kia?

Reliability comes up consistently when you talk about Kia. In the Motor1 report, they show Kia is the third-highest overall brand for RepairPal’s reliability rating. They outdo Toyota and several other well-known car manufacturersTo find the exact Kia that’s perfect for you, head over to Spradley Kia to search our inventory. We have new and certified pre-owned cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and more. We also have other convenient locations for other auto brands throughout…

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Why Should You Get a Vehicle History Report?

Don't get caught buying a lemon vehicle. Get a vehicle history report. What can this type of report do for you? At Spradley Kia, we want to make sure that you don't get a vehicle that will only give you headaches, so we're telling you about this report that can tell you all about a vehicle that you are thinking about purchasing.

Vehicle history reports can tell you about any accidents, flood and fire damage, and any major repairs that the car has undergone. And, yes, it can even tell you if the vehicle has ever been…

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