Visibility can become compromised when driving. A common reason for visibility issues is driving into the sun. The glare from the sunrise and sunset can make it difficult to see the traffic ahead. It's a real driving hazard that you need to take seriously. We, here at Spradley Kia, want to keep you safe.

Protect your eyesight from the glare of the sun. As soon as you notice the sun's glare, pop down your sun visor. It helps to deflect the direct rays. Also, if you have a pair of polarized sunglasses, put them on. Remove any papers on the dash to prevent reflective glare.

Also, drive defensively when the glare shows up. Put plenty of distance between you and the car ahead to give you extra stopping room. Drive with your head lights on to let other drivers see you. For all your car needs, stop by our dealership today.



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