Kick Off the School Year by Scheduling Your Vehicle Services

The summer is officially over! Yes, that means the back-to-school season is upon us! Although some people in your household are happy about it and some others are not so happy, there's simply no turning back the hands of time!

Have you scheduled your back-to-school vehicle service? Now is a great time to get those services completed before the busy time begins! In order to start the year off right, it's important to have an oil change, a tire rotation, and a brake inspection. Additionally, you should have all of your vehicle fluid levels checked. 

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Why You May Want to Consider a Backup Camera for Your Car

When used properly, the backup camera can be an effective tool to avoid accidents. It uses the screen in the car's dash to let you see what is behind your vehicle. In some vehicles, cameras are mounted on all sides of the car to provide a 360 degree view.

One study found that 57 percent of drivers avoided running over items placed behind their vehicles without their knowledge. While these types of tools used to be standard only in luxury models, they are becoming increasingly common in lower trim levels as well. You also have the choice to buy…

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Why Should You Get a Vehicle History Report?

Don't get caught buying a lemon vehicle. Get a vehicle history report. What can this type of report do for you? At Spradley Kia, we want to make sure that you don't get a vehicle that will only give you headaches, so we're telling you about this report that can tell you all about a vehicle that you are thinking about purchasing.

Vehicle history reports can tell you about any accidents, flood and fire damage, and any major repairs that the car has undergone. And, yes, it can even tell you if the vehicle has ever been…

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Do You Know What Brake Pads Are for?

Most sport utility vehicles, minivans, vans, pickup trucks and cars have a disc braking system. The disc has a piston and a rotor. When the piston's caliper squeezes the rotor, it slows down. This slows down your tires, bringing your car to a stop. Between the rotor and the caliper are the brake pads.

Pads lessen the friction and heat between the caliper and rotor. The forces required to stop the car are intense, and the brake pads help to dissipate friction and heat, preserving the lifespan of the rotor and piston. 

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How Do Car Alignments Work?

The car alignment is an important part of keeping your car safe and running well on the road. Your suspension relies on your axles and wheels being appropriately aligned. Otherwise, it could pull to a certain direction and cause difficulty driving. The process to aligning your vehicle is performed by a mechanic and involves precise measurements and angles that are provided by your vehicle's manufacturer. These suspension angles are referred to as camber, caster, toe, and thrust. 

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How to Correctly Pack a Roadside Emergency Kit

If you want to navigate the Pueblo, CO region with confidence, consider packing a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle. You can buy a pre-assembled kit or you can put one together with the help of the Spradley Kia service team. Here are a few essentials that should be in the roadside emergency kit you keep in your car.

A little bag of tools like a wrench, pliers, scissors, knife, and hammer, give you the chance to make small repairs on your own. A roll of duct tape is crucial for your roadside emergency kit because you can use it…

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Know Your Gaskets, Know You’re Safe

In Pueblo, Colorado, a huge cause of vehicular breakdowns is blown or failed gaskets. It’s not something obvious if you don’t know to check for it, so it can seem mysterious. So, let’s take a moment to understand gaskets and what they do, where they are and how to keep them lasting longer.

Gaskets are a flexible seal made of layers of thin steel or copper with a rubbery outer coating. They prevent air from escaping or entering systems, as well as preventing fluids from mixing in scandalous ways that can bring your vehicle to a grinding…

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How Does the Alternator Affect Your Car Engine?

While many people believe the car battery keeps the lights, heaters, and stereo working, it is the alternator that has the job of keeping all those electrical devices operating while the car is running. The battery is kept charged by the alternator, and its job is to simply provide power to the starter motor when the car is not running. Once running, the alternator has to provide power to things like the heated seats, door locks, and power windows.

The alternator operates like a generator and gets its power from a large crank wheel that is spinning as the engine…

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What are Electronic Shift Cases?

While 2-wheel drive vehicles can provide drivers like you with robust power and control, there is no doubt that 4-wheel drive vehicles can provide you with even more power and control for your Pueblo, CO adventures. Some vehicles allow drivers to choose and shift between both gear-ranges at will, and most of these vehicles are fitted with special sub-transmissions called transfer cases.

Transfer cases are special gearboxes that are located near or in regular transmission casings. These devices can use the torque from the main transmission to provide 4-wheel drive power to all tires. 

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Signs That Your Car's Exhaust is Leaking

Without your vehicle's exhaust, it is possible that many harmful fumes and gasses could go into the cabin of your car. This can potentially be extremely harmful to you and your family. That is why our experienced Kia service team located right here at our auto repair shop in Pueblo, CO are so motivated to tell you about some early warning signs that your exhaust is leaking.

First, you may notice some hissing or popping noises coming from your tailpipe. This can mean a leak has already begun. Also, you may notice that your steering wheel has begun to…

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