A long journey towards exceptional reliability.

What you’ve thought about Kia may have changed over the years. It was 30 years ago when the first Kia Motors entered the American market. In 1992, they began just in the Portland, Oregon area. If you wanted a Kia, you had to head to the Pacific Northwest.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. As Kia has become a bigger presence in America over the last three decades, you can now find Kia cars wherever you’d like in the United States. Our location here at Spradley Kia, right off Highway 50 here in Pueblo, helps everyone in the Southern Colorado area get the exact Kia that fits their lifestyle and vehicle needs.

So what can you expect when you buy a Kia?

When first introduced to the United States, it was pretty consistent that Kia vehicles were considered cheap and low-quality. While this was an oversimplification, it was obvious the vehicle brand had some improvements to put in place before it would become a well-known brand throughout the country.

A Motor1 review showed how time has been kind to Kia. The company and staff have worked hard to improve their vehicle’s perception. That way when people wonder what Kia can bring to the average car owner, they can have a lovely, positive outlook when they think of Kia.

What can you expect when you own a Kia?

Reliability comes up consistently when you talk about Kia. In the mentioned Motor1 report, they show Kia is the third-highest overall brand for RepairPal’s reliability rating. They outdo Toyota and several other well-known car manufacturers.

As the article reads, “When the brand first launched in the U.S., its vehicles experienced a high number of problems. Since then, Kia has improved its fleet, and the brand is now known for its exceptional reliability.”

The authors of the review also mentioned that the current makes of Kia average half the average unexpected repair shop visits per year. This shows the reliability in action. While many vehicle types see a frequent need for unexpected repairs or part replacements, that’s not the case with Kia. They require an average of 0.2 unexpected repair shop visits per year, according to the review. This means out of every five Kias on the road today, it’s likely only one of them will need an unexpected repair in a single calendar year.

Among 32 major vehicle brand names, Kia is third in reliability. This means that for the reasonable costs and consistent reliability, Kia is in the top tenth percentile for reliability, and the likelihood of needing unexpected repairs is incredibly low.

Kias are recalled far less than the industry average

In a separate report from iSeeCars, they revealed that in an analysis of decades of data, Kia ranked incredibly high when it comes to industry averages. In fact, only Porsche and Mercedes-Benz had lower recall rates than Kia. Otherwise, no major car brand had a better rate.

What is a recall rate? It’s the rate at which vehicles made have to come back for repairs or manufacturing errors. While every brand has to recall their cars periodically, Kia is third-best in terms of how few cars they have to recall. This means the quality and safety inspections done when they are made meet exceptional standards and quality.

Kia outdoes common brands known for their reliability such as Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, and even more luxury brands like BMW and Tesla. You can read the report from iSeeCars here. They also own their recalls. They ranked fourth when it comes to initiating their own recalls, compared to those mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While some brands wait for the safety group to tell them to fix their vehicles, Kia embraces their safety, and reliability, and solves the issues proactively more often than most other manufacturers, showing they embrace the safety and reliability of their cars and keep the drivers and passengers entering a Kia safe and giving them peace of mind.

Kias are known as affordable, easily maintained, and cheaper to fix

Finally, Kias are also known as affordable vehicles. Their pricing is on par, if not below, with comparable vehicles in the area. This results in people being able to take Kia vehicles out of the dealership and with easy maintenance you can drive the Kia for a long, long time. Many of their vehicles are backed by five-year / 60,000-mile warranties as well as 10-year / 100,000-mile drivetrain warranties.

It’s been found that with proper care and maintenance, you can expect your Kia to last even longer than that. The Drive, a website discussing car warranties and reliability, praised Kia for most areas of their work. They even write, “Reliability depends on a host of variables, but the two biggest structural supports are the development and the manufacturing of a vehicle. When auto manufacturers spend the time and money developing a car and its manufacturing line, a car tends to last longer.”

Where can I find what Kia works best for me?

To find the exact Kia that’s perfect for you, head over to Spradley Kia to search our inventory. We have new and certified pre-owned cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and more. We also have other convenient locations for other auto brands throughout Pueblo helping the Southern Colorado area. We're available to help everyone find the perfect vehicle for you.